Towards a World of Life, Peace and Sharing through a community of sincere people.
NANUMMUNHWA was established at the dawn of the new millenium.
The world today shudders with the anxieties that come with an obsession over globalization and capitalistic competition.
NANUMMUNHWA is a non-profit organization that focuses on dealing with the 4 crises of contemporary society:
emerging ecological disasters; increasing polarization; war, famine, and disease; and the loss of the spirituality.
Walking toward a world of life, peace and sharing you, with a community of sincere people,
NANUMMUNHWA has been working for 16 years purely with the help of our 3,500 members,
without any support from the government, big corporations or media publicity.

5 Mission
Leading a good life that preserves the earth and life, that protects democracy, friendship, and the gathering of sincere people,
that brings peace to the world’s tear-filled back alleyways, that seeks creative sharing beyond simple charity.
Seek Creative Sharing beyond Charity.
Bring Peace to the Tearful Alleys of the Planet.
The community of sincere people, the Community of Friendship and Hospitality.
Protect Democracy and Save Lives.
Leading a Good Life that Saves our Planet.
10 representative activities  

5 Principles of NANUM MUNHWA (Culture of Sharing)
‘Do good in the right way’ NANUMMUNHWA has kept 5 Principles for 10 years.

First, NANUMMUNHWA says no to sponsorship from the government, large multinational corporations.
Money is a responsibility. Good money obligates us to do good deeds and bad money leads us in the wrong direction.
To maintain our independence and self-determination that firmly denies what is wrong,
NANUMMUNHWA will be run only by the support of our member’s contributions, filled with honest work and love.

Secondly, NANUMMUNHWA does not depend on media publicity.
We choose to reach the world with truthfulness and depth that can move people,
rather than to seek wide publicity by meeting the needs of the mass media.
We will go forward with good people of integrity, with people of hidden hopes,
humbly and quietly practicing love and sharing.

Thirdly, NANUMMUNHWA does not focus on the works that promise easy success, but those which are good for society.
We commit ourselves to fulfilling the tasks that are required of our generation before anyone asks it of us.
We do not compete for fast and easy successes, but seek to work together,
grow together and live together toward progress. Not fearing failures,
we will meet challenges and responsibilities with strong will, diligence, and truthfulness.

Fourthly, NANUMMUNHWA does not try to convince or preach to others about what is right.
Keeping in mind that we might be wrong, we will maintain a posture of humility and openness.
We devote ourselves to the continuous search for what is right with others,
nurturing the seeds of hope with the power of truths we have experienced.

Fifthly, NANUMMUNHWA puts people before results, doing good works together with others.
We realize doing good works does not automatically make people good. Putting people before results,
we will maintain self-reflection to stay centered on our values and protect the human spirit.
We will extend friendliness and sharing as we continue our efforts with quiet resolve.

Sohee Im (Chairman of the board)
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